FEAR. Just this very small, four letter word can invoke such inaction in people that they will not even attempt to try for anticipation of failure. Failure,and all ideas associated with it, are nothing but your brain’s reaction to past failures, let downs, being told that you weren’t good enough, etc. But, when you firmly stand on the word of God, you have no fear. You go out into the world knowing that there is a God who is in control and no matter what happens, God will not let you fall without picking you up again. So go forth, stand on God’s promises and His images-3will for your life. After all, God is much bigger than your fears!

Tough Times

During our toughest moments, our most trying times we may wonder if our trials will ever end. It may not seem like it, but they will. They will end once we learn the lessons behind our tests and trials. Trials also alert us to what we will and will not tolerate, what we need to do to better ourselves and most of all trials are a test of our faith. After all, would you test someone you already know is going to buckle under the pressure? Probably not. So it is with God. He gives us tests to sharpen us, train us, to get us prepared for more of His blessings. So be thankful for your tough moments. They are growing you into a person who will be full of strength and filled with faith.

Greatness By Birth

We were all born with the expectations that we all were going to be successful, well adjusted, responsible adults that would make fantastic contributions to society and humankind. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way we may have stumbled upon roadblocks that may have thrown us off our path of greatness. Everyone is great in their own way. No matter how much you have strayed, there is always more chances to get this thing called life right. It doesn’t how many times we try. All that matters is that we are trying and not giving up. You can’t expect to eliminate life long habits that have been accumulated over the years to just disappear overnight. It is this expectation that causes us to give in when we are closest to our breakthrough. Remember greatness, happiness, good health is your birthright. Claim it!